Straight From Eden

There was a time many years ago where a substantial amount of ethnic women relaxed their hair as part of a normal beauty routine. I grew up surrounded by women in my family, at the hairdressers and even women on television promoting relaxers to be the norm. Only very recently within the last decade as … More Straight From Eden

A Celebrity Beauty Routine – Kim Kardashian West

I recently found a very interesting article on about a journalist who attempted to live life for a few weeks like the infamous Kim Kardashian West. This means she wore the outfits, followed the diet, beauty routine, makeup and reported her findings in a series. Here is my favourite part here on her body and diet. … More A Celebrity Beauty Routine – Kim Kardashian West

A much needed update

Hello again everyone. I am so sorry for the prolonged absence. I haven’t written a post for a little over two weeks now which feels a little strange, so I wanted to write a short post to catch up, explain where I have been and to hopefully establish organisation back in to my blogging schedule. So.. where have I … More A much needed update

Ingredients List

Since deciding to ditch my blow dryer and straighteners, I have been trying to find new techniques to regain my sleek, healthy looking, moveable head of hair. I have found after almost two months that my air dried hair has started to improve with each wash. This has made me very happy. I definitely owe my results to deep conditioning, more moisturising and better general care. … More Ingredients List


This week, I decided to join the #AGallonOfWaterADay challenge, which in short means I have been aiming to drink one gallon of water a day. I am already a massive fan of water as you might have figured out if you have read many of my other beauty posts. I am not the biggest juice … More #AGallonOfWaterADay