The Niche that is Relaxed Hair

There are so many blogs I follow dedicated to caring for natural/afro hair, and I am so proud that there is. In general media, there really isn’t enough out there to teach women ways to get the best out of afro hair or even to style it, you will find more products to combat frizz and achieve a “sleek”  head full of hair, which of course is why there was such a niche market out there for bloggers to come together and fight against this.

I on the other hand have relaxed hair. Yes ladies, I am addicted to the damaging chemical based formula that gives me the “moveable sleek hair” being advertised to me everyday. This in no way means that I do not want or like my afro hair, it just means I am unfortunately addicted to the alternative, which by habit I have plastered on my hair every two months for well over a decade to give me a more “manageable” mane.

I say that within inverted commas for a reason. Relaxed hair also requires a lot of care and attention. Having a relaxer on for too long, or using one that is too strong can cause an unimaginable amount of damage not just to your hair but to your scalp. Then aftercare is so necessary in maintaining a healthy head of hair, as the chemicals in the relaxers can be so drying, which is the biggest cause for breakage and damaged scalp for us African-Caribbean women. This is one of the reasons I have decided to blog.

Girls with relaxed hair need support and understanding when it comes to getting the most healthy hair they can. I have found that relaxed hair as a topic has interestingly enough become the new niche market, as so many African-Caribbean bloggers are talking about wigs, the best brand in hair, or natural hair care products. So I dedicate my first post to my immediate routine post-relaxing.

I have a very sensitive scalp, so I always feel a little stingy even after all the product has been thoroughly washed out my hair. So I have a tub of Holland and Barrett Aloe Vera Gel on standby for when I get home.

Holland & Barret Aloe Vera Gel Review 001

I would apply the aloe vera gel for the first week two or three times a day to soothe the scalp through-out the day. It is great also if for any reason you have scabs on your head, using this will get rid of those within days.

Next within 3-7 days of getting my hair relaxed, I would actually wash it at home with a clarifying shampoo. I use one called Alba from Botanica.


I love this shampoo because it is the deepest clean you will ever get. It can’t be used every time you wash because it gives such a deep clean it can really damage and dry the hair, but it is great when you feel your hair is irritated by too much products, or you just want to give it an effective deep cleanse. I normally use this once a month following the time after I relax my hair.

Then due to the dryness of that shampoo, and because my hair in my opinion is still very much post relaxed, I would grease my scalp relatively lightly with Dr Organics Vitamin E Oil, also found in Holland and Barrett.


I would use this every 3 days roughly, and again try to aim to grease my scalp with it the day before I wash my hair next. If my hair feels very dry after my clarifying shampoo for any reason such as weather, too much working out that week etc, I would do it every 2 days before I go to sleep, and wrap my hair in a silk head wrap. By the time the week is over my hair feels ridiculously soft, scalp feels at ease and all my post relaxer treatments are finished.


Then there we have it ^ ..Post relaxed/treated healthy hair is in your hands.




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