15 years of eyeliner and mascara

Since I was probably about 11 or 12, my go to makeup items have always been Mascara and Eyeliner. A nice line around the eyes can transform your whole face from looking tired and droopy to alive and alert with literally one wave of a wand. Then mascara on top to finish it off with fluttery, flirty lashes to further define and open the eyes to seal the deal.

With over a decades experience in both, I have tried and tested many brands, and have narrowed down 15 years worth of trialling to discover my ultimate list of go to’s, and favourites out of a mass of products out there.


First, eyeliners..

Mac LiquidLast Liner – colour pointblack

mac eyeliner IMG_448631778178081This eyeliner in my opinion has to be the best liquid eyeliner on the market and I will tell you why. I have the most oily eyes ever! I can put an eyeliner on without primer, and it will be smudged within an hour. I have found looking for eyelid primers and liners that work, a full on mission! This eyeliner is my answer to all of this. It is super long lasting, whether it is raining, sweltering hot, humid, even if you go swimming in the pool, this eyeliner will stay in tact for the entire day until you are ready to remove it. There are no annoying smudges in the corners, and your eyeliner wing stays as you drew it without it looking like a blob of oil at the end of the day.

My second go to liner is shown below – Benefit they’re real push up liner WITH urban decay primer potion



This is my favourite gel liner on the market. Difference between a gel liner and a liquid is that it has a bit more of a crayon finish. It is a lot more subtle and soft in comparison to my harsh lined liquid. So I would wear the gel when I want to change the look a bit, or if I want to soften my eyes for whatever reason.

Although it is my favourite gel, it doesn’t make it as my number one liner because as shown it really doesn’t stay on MY oily eyes without an eye lid primer. But luckily I have discovered the amazing urban decay primer potion which is honestly the best eye liner primer ever! However, be careful as it really does dry the skin on you eyelids, so it needs to be rubbed in thoroughly. Because of that, I wouldn’t be able to use it everyday unfortunately, but for those moments when I pair it with this eyeliner, it is magical. Again, lasts all day, shape remains until you take it off, and as shown, stays in tact even when near the pool and in heat! Excellent products!

My third favourite is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide eye pencils

urban-decay-super-stash-pencils20141229_152757Not the biggest fan of pencil eye liners, because of all eyeliners they give the softest finish. I normally use them to line inside my eyes, and if I want a very super soft almost invisible eye line but I still want to define my eyes, then I would use these pencils. I would also – depending on how soft or sultry I feel on the day, would smudge the liner a little to create a wispy finish. Definitely need the urban decay eye primer with it however, but the pigment is incredible. The pencil isn’t hard and tough, so it glides on almost like a gel, the colour choices are really good! They’re fun for the summer time, or again as a softer change to my normal black harsh winged liquid liner. My favourite colours is the black, purple, blue very occasionally, and I love the brown, it actually shows as brown even on my complexion! You may need to top these up if your eyes are as oily as mines, but maybe half way through the day as opposed to an hour with its competitors.

Lastly, Mascaras. I have sensitive eyes, so they sting after a while when wearing certain mascaras. I love mascaras that are long-lasting, don’t run or smudge, that can offer me volume and length, and I am someone who likes to pile it on but not have to deal with the repercussions of shedding lashes or clumps. Yes girls, I have found mascaras that can do all of this.

lash domlancome hypnosedior iconic

Lancôme Hypnose, Bare Minerals Lash Domination,  Dior Iconic

Bare Minerals Lash Domination is my everyday mascara, gives a good curl, excellent definition. Wand is plastic so combs through lashes properly. Just gives a fresh, natural but very defined eye lash.

Lancôme Hypnose is my evening mascara. It offers a bit more of a coating than bare minerals as the wand is not plastic, so you get a bit more volume from it. However, as previously mentioned, because it is not plastic you have to be more careful of the clumps and apply it carefully and with a slight wiggle. I would wear this to a birthday, or date night, or an event just because it is more fluttery and flirty, and a bit more dramatic.

Dior Iconic is my night mascara. When I put it on my eye lashes look false. They stretch my lashes beyond measures, adds a sublime amount of volume, and it is super black which somehow makes them look fuller and thicker then any alternative. It is quite a heavy mascara so I wouldn’t wear it too often as there is a risk with shedding, and I do get a bit of a stingy sensation with it, but it stays put and is unbeatable for beautiful lashes in my opinion.

2015-05-23 12.31.05

And there you have it, ready to go eyes to do up your whole face.


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