Top 5 Summer Makeup Essentials

Guys, it is officially going to be June on Monday! Let Summer time fun commence!

Summer is my favorite time of the year, as it brings memories of water fights, fun in the park, super long days full of enjoyment. So many pros for this time of year. When it comes to makeup, most of the girls I know tone it down for summer to let their skin breathe and welcome a tan that is free. However, for myself I am getting older, and I have many ‘things’ on my face I would still like to conceal, enhance and blur away. During the summer time, I find that is a harder task to accomplish.

So here are my top summer makeup essentials. Perfect for withstanding humidity, long lasting results in all conditions, and pretty colours to make you stand out this summer.

1. Laura Mercier Oil Free Foundation Primer, The Best primer for the summer time for those with combination skin. Keeps skin amazingly smooth by blurring out all open pores, and keeps skin perfectly oil free for the entire day! If you suffer with dry/dehydrated skin even during the summer, I would recommend the Laura Mercier bronze primer, perfect for all complexions. Gives a lovely bronze radiance that shows through your makeup. Can even be worn alone with a setting powder depending on how little coverage you want, and has an SPF for added protection.

lm primer

2. In the summer time, Bare Minerals Matte is my go to foundation, and it is not just because I used to work there. It is a mineral foundation, gives an amazing amount of coverage, but looks perfectly natural on the skin. It doesn’t block pores, allows your skin to breathe, feels like you are wearing nothing is on your skin and has an added SPF15 UVA/UVB protection. Must team it with a good primer such as the Laura Mercier ones, as it does disappear. But keeps skin shine free, again being perfect for those with oily/combination skin. Would recommend the original range for those with dry/dehydrated skin.


3. Benefit Benetint is probably the nicest blusher during this time of year. Mainly because it such a pretty summery colour, and it stays put. I can wear this on holiday in the sea, or in Hyde Park playing games all day and I will rest assured it will be there, and be prominent on my face until the end of the day. Benetint is a good colour for the darkies such as myself, but they have a lovely coral, and pink colour range as well which are super pretty for those of any lighter shade.



4. My all time favourite waterproof mascara goes to Clinique high impact. I love this for the summer time because it gives such a natural finish, is relatively easy to get off unlike many of its waterproof competitors, a very good black colour for a good amount of volume, and as mentioned before, I have very sensitive eyes so most waterproof mascaras can be very drying and irritating, this mascara is very gentle and causes no bother for the entire day!



5. I am in love with my lip recipes, and I had a real good play during winter with dark and vampy colours. Now for Spring/Summer I have opted to tone it down, keeping it fresh and subtle with nude colours lipsticks, and pretty coloured lip glosses for a general natural touch. My personal favourites are Buxom Lip glosses. It has vitamin E and a menthol finish which is very cooling and moisturising on the lips, they are also quite thick so has a nice pigment of colour. Not available in the UK at present I believe, but I know they will be launching in Debenhams soon. Can not wait for that! Other favourite lipglosses with a good amount of colour are the Clinique chubby sticks for lips, and I love Nars lipglosses also – they are sticky but so incredible for their colours! If you would prefer a bit more colour, and a bit more of a matte finish like I do on some days, nude lipsticks all the way for the summer.



And that is it. My top 5 summer makeup essentials, for a very basic and natural face. What are your top 5 summer essentials?


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