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Hi everyone, thanks for joining me this Tuesday for my weekly hair post.

I have been reminiscing a lot off late about when I was a teenager, and me and my friend from secondary school decided to challenge ourselves with the aim of growing our hair down our backs to see how far it would go. My friend ended up completely and utterly thrashing me! Her hair grew so healthy, was down her back, and all she really did was not trim or cut it as often as she had been doing. I on the other hand went all out with this challenge, and did what I thought was the best thing to do at the time: Put my hair in braids, and cornrows to help grow it out. I air dried it plenty, went to the hairdressers more frequently to do oil treatments, protein treatments, deep treatments, constant protective hairstyling, I greased my scalp daily, and the list just went on and on. I remember getting so frustrated because while her beautiful hair grew limitlessly, mines seemed to be breaking, was always dry and hadn’t moved at all. At the time, I remember speaking to one of the hairdressers in my mums salon, and she laughed and said, “of course her hair is going to grow faster – your hair is different to hers!” By this, she meant, my friends hair was half Indian and half Caucasian, my hair was African-Caribbean, so of course her hair would grow longer. I then although sad gave up on the aim of achieving waist-length hair. I thank God, I now know that isn’t true.

Experience, trial and error along with age has taught me the reasons why at that point my hair wasn’t growing. I will explain it like this… Everyone knows someone with the most perfect skin who really doesn’t do anything at all accept use soap and water, right? Or those lucky girls who have never dieted a day in their life yet have that ideal slim framed figure after eating all the pizza and pasta they want? I guess what I am trying to say, is that sometimes less is more, and that is what I have eventually started to learn for myself.

To finish my story, I remember my hair was at its most damaged, shortest and thinnest. I remember getting my hair relaxed and my hairdresser saying to me she can’t do anything with my hair, it is knotted and breaking and I should consider cutting it all off and starting from scratch – Yes, it was really that bad. That same week, I was up watching late night QVC and Liz Earle was on speaking of their new organic shampoo and conditioner range. She was speaking about the oils sourced in Kenya and what they would provide for your hair, the ethical trading, and it was the first time I had heard the term sulphate free… I ordered it, and that for me was the start of the biggest hair lesson of my life. Organic products ROCK!

With all the compliments, the hair growth both vertically and horizontally, I pretty much became Liz Earle’s unpaid spokesperson. After using their shampoo and conditioner, I started to look into organic hair products, I learnt about danger ingredients such as Alcohol, SLS, I learnt what sulphates were, plus many more chemicals I can’t even pronounce. These ingredients dry hair, split ends, strip hair, cause irritation to sensitive scalps and can suffocate the hair at the roots and can delay hair growth. Ladies with type 2a and all 1 hair is less at risk of these things affecting hair growth, but for my already fragile Afro-Caribbean, chemically treated relaxed hair, this is the worst possible thing I could be doing to it.

Marcus Allen from all-natural brand Aveda says, ‘Natural hair products are always going to be better because they work with the hair, rather than masking its existing problems… The obvious difference between supermarket shampoos and ours, is that many cheaper manufactured brands contain ingredients like wax, that gradually build-up on the hair until it loses its vitality… Aveda (natural/organic) shampoos are soluble, so you are starting with a fresh palette everytime you wash your hair.’ I am a true testament to this and would urge everyone to go organic and reep the benefits for yourself unless like I said you are hair type 2a or 1 a/b/c. So here are my favourite and recommendable shampoo and conditioner combos:

Liz Earle Botanical Shampoo and Conditioner

Liz-Earle-Botanical-Shine-Shampoo-and-Conditioner-Review *taken from

There is one Shampoo, and an option of three conditioners. One is for oily hair, one is for normal hair, and one is for dry hair. At the time I brought the one for normal hair and it worked perfectly well, I then moved on when advised in store to go for the one for dry hair. As said before, excellent and good quality products. They are my staple go to pieces and both under a tenner each, which is exceptional value for an organic shampoo.

Aveda Colour Converse Shampoo and Conditioner

aveda shampoo* taken from

I first tried out the Aveda protein shampoo and conditioner, then tried the moisturising shampoo and conditioner combination, but have landed on this range for an everyday shampoo as the others are more specific to hair needs. When hair is relaxed, it is useful to go for Shampoos and conditioners that are made for colour treated hair, as coloured hair just as relaxed hair can often be dry and prone to damage, so the ingredients will support all relaxed hair needs just as it would for coloured hair. Aveda is on the more expensive side I will warn sitting in the £20 bracket each, but I assure you, it is seriously worth every penny.

Khadi Hibiscus Sensitive Scalp Shampoo

khadi* taken from

This is what I am using at present. It is the most organic formula shampoo out of all my recommendations and OMG I absolutely love this! As you may have noticed it isn’t a part of a shampoo and conditioner combination, and that is because it conditions the hair deep enough, so a separate conditioner isn’t necessary. This shampoo is seriously fantastic! My scalp off late had become super sensitive because I went through a broke period and had to relax my hair at home, and use supermarket products of a lower quality to manage it. This shampoo has cleared up all the itching and irritation, my hair is so black and shiny and so unbelievable soft. This comes in ranges for normal-dry hair, oily hair, anti-dandruff and dry and damaged, and again is a little over £10, but is great as doesn’t require a conditioner along side.


Take it from me, the more organic you go, the more your hair will truly be the healthiest it was intended to be. I have spoken about shampoos and conditioners today, but if you are interested in turning organic/all-natural, consider your hair moisturisers, gels, heat protection products, hair sprays and anything else you use in your hair regularly.

So my new challenge for waist length hair is back in action! The Key – Keep it simple, basic and attainable, and find what truly works for my hair and hopefully in a few years see some progress which I can likely share with you all.

Thank you so much for joining me for my Tuesday hair post again. If you have any comments, thoughts or if you are a lover of organic methods and products let me know.. It is truly my new thing! Much Love and appreciation and shall hopefully see you Saturday :).



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