My Ratio to flawless skin

This week I read somewhere that the correct ratio to a flawless face is 1:9 to makeup and skincare. Whilst I agree with that partially, and understand the point they were trying to make, I think there is one fundamental and important thing to consider when aiming for a flawless face, and that is diet. I am a firm believer that topical products of course are of great importance in making skin look and feel great, but what goes on inside is of so much importance too, as that is what will ultimately determine the quality of skin, appearance, and a good skin day to a bad one.

When I was younger, I learnt to love fruits and vegetables because my mum who clearly knew her daughter so very well would tell me the benefits of each vegetable and fruit, and what it would do for me and my appearance. For example, whilst most normal parents were encouraging their children to drink milk so they can grow big and get strong bones, my mum was telling me to drink milk as it will help give me long and healthy nails, white teeth and bright eye whites… Now that I am older, I am not sure if everything she said was entirely true, but she certainly taught me, and helped me understand the relationship between food and how it can enhance beauty inside out.

Here are a few of my all time favourite beauty foods:

Spinach_2337460bsweet potato   kale

Spinach, Sweet Potato and Kale. All three really nice together by the way, nothing like sweet potato jackets stuffed with spinach and kale within a cheese sauce. Spinach and Kale are phyto-estrogens, which have been recently discovered to having unmatchable anti-ageing propertires. All three of the above are high in antioxidents and are so important for normal skin cell development and a healthy skin tone.



These are my favourite fruits, oranges, strawberrys and mango, and they interestingly all contain Vitamin C. Super anti-oxidants, necessary for a strong immune system, radiant skin and also helps blemishes and acne scars heal better. They also help to produce collagen which is again anti-ageing, but also help to strengthen the capillaries that supply the skin with goodness.


mackeral pumpkin seeds avocado

Mackeral, pumpkin seeds and avocado. All essentially good fatty foods which act as natural moisturisers for the skin, keeping it soft and supple. These fats also come with vitamin E which is hard to come by again helping against free radicals that can cause wrinkles and age spots. Mackeral is a good source of omega 3 which are not made in the body so can only get there through diet. Omega 3 encourages the body to produce anti-inflammatory compounds which is great for people who suffer with eczema (like I can sometimes). Of course Mackeral and Pumpkin seeds are high in zinc which is vital for the skin as it is involved in the normal functioning of under layers of the skin that produce oil, therefore these foods enable skin reparation, and again encourage a clear and glowing complexion.


Lastly water. Skin needs moisture to stay flexible. Dehydration causes skin to look dry, tired and lacking buoyancy. It is recommended to drink roughly eight glasses a day. Water is roughage for the body and helps to keep the body working and functioning properly. It helps to dilute sugars, and bad fats that can cause skin to not look its best. If you find it hard to consume enough water or you struggle with the boring taste, try adding a slice of lime, lemon, orange or even a cucumber to make the taste more interesting. Also, I try to have a bottle that I drink water from which is constantly next to me. If something is in front of us, we are more likely to consume it.


In conclusion, I hope I have encouraged someone reading who feels out of their depths with their skin to maybe look at their diet instead. Do your own research as specific foods will target specific skin issues. Most of my knowledge is from the my mums book she has had since I was very young, called “foods that harm and foods that heal” by Readers Digest. If you do want to achieve a wholesome and flawless complexion, in my opinion, follow my ratio to flawless skin, 1:4:5 to makeup, skincare and diet.

foods that harm foods that heal Book can be found here.

Thank you so much for reading and keeping up with my posts, I am so very greatful for all the support so far. Hopefully see you Tuesday for my hair post.

Much Love, Rosie

*Most images were taken from, water was taken from, mackerel was taken from, and all other images were taken from





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