Smooth and Radiant Summer Skin

Hi Everyone, welcome to my “Saturday” beauty post which of course is on a Sunday this week. This weekend has been a busy one, been out enjoying the sun and the company of some people I love then getting in very late both days. Today I am home, sitting in my garden at present, thinking of all I would love to write up about today – so here I am.

I would love to talk about my favourite skincare products for smooth, healthy and radiant skin (because that is what I like to get out of my skincare when I choose it). As a teenager like most people, I suffered with acne for a little bit. Luckily it was never too drastic, nor did I ever pick them or do anything over the top to try and get rid of them – but that was my first lesson in the importance of a good skincare routine. From that point over a decade ago, I developed a full-proof skincare routine that I like to go to and from every Summer and Winter. Here is my summer one…



Clinique Mild Soap Bar

clinique mild soapThis was what I first used all those years ago to fight my teenage acne and is still one of my favourite cleansers of all time. It is great in the summer because being a soap, it is a little more dry then your standard liquid cleansers so will keep your skin matte during the season where skin is most prone to oilyness. This soap is hand-made with a non-drying formula, and protects lipids on skin which many soaps are known not to do. I normally get the soap for dry-combination skin, but if you are super dry or incredibly oily, there are soap bars for your skin type too.

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Elemis Tri-Enzyme Resurfacing Facial wash

elemisThis is actually more a winter favourite for me, but I wanted to talk about it as I am sure there are people with less oily skin out there. Tri-enzyme face wash is an everyday exfoliate, which works on revealing the healthiest, most radiant skin from under surface level skin. If using in the summer it is definitely recommendable to use a good spf for this reason. This really will leave skin balanced, even and radiant.


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Clinique Clarifying lotion | Number 2

clinique clarifying lotionI wouldn’t use this toner everyday anymore, but I did when I was a teenager and it was great. Although it is suitable for sensitive skin, it is quite strong. Benefits of course is that it removes every last bit of grime lingering on the face and as the tri-enzyme face wash it works on revealing the radiant skin from underneath the surface.

I use this once or twice a week to get rid of any kind of build up on the surface of my skin. I don’t use this if I am using the tri-enzyme face wash and would normally skip the toning step entirely.

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Clinique Super defence moisturiser SPF20

clinique spf20This is my absolute favourite moisturiser. It is great for the summer because although it does have a thick consistency, it is so light on the skin. It makes skin look healthy, plump and smooth, but also makes it feel the same. With the additional spf20, it offers a suitable amount of protection against the sun during the summer months. I use the range for dry-combination skin.

Absolutely fantastic!

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Clinique Super City Block Broad Spectrum SPF40

clinique spf40This too is another fantastic moisturiser. I have very sensitive skin, so I will use this if I am on a sunny holiday away, or for example next weekend I will be at wireless festival and it is expected there will be a heat wave. This will be my ideal go to moisturiser for the day. It is surprisingly light, not sticky like a standard sun protectant, and protects against both UVA and UVB rays. It does leave a slight white residue, but again for the high protection it offers, it is truly not as bad as others on the market.

Again leaves skin soft, even and smooth.

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Facial Mist/Spray/Spritz

This is something I have only had an interest in over the last few months. I recently got a new job where for the first time in a while, I am in front of a computer screen for the day. I did start to notice that as the weather got hotter, my skin started to look extremely dehydrated by the time I was left the office. Although I have my bottle of water next to me at all times, I still felt my skin needed an added visible boost. Therefore, I learnt the magic of facial mists to top up with though out the day. Here are two great ones.

Aloree Two-Phase facial mist

two-phase-mist-zoomThis is absolutely brilliant! Can be used under or over makeup which is what I would always look for in a face mist, plus it’s light, super refreshing and smells amazing as well. It is an organic spray, infused with the ingredient chlorophyll, found in green super foods such as broccoli and spinach. This ingredient is highly anti-ageing which is great – especially in the summer time when although the sun feels amazing, it can also be very ageing to the skin without the right care. This spray gives an instant and visible radiance boost as is suitable for all skin types.

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Clinique Moisture Surge face spray

clinique face sprayYet another Clinique product – apologies, but this is probably one of the greatest creations in their line! Again, can be worn under and over makeup, is oil-free yet incredibly hydrating for the skin. It has added aloe vera to soothe and calm the skin.

It instantly brings skin back to a balanced moisture level, but skin looks moist and healthy with a distinct glow. It is truly an amazing product!

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There we have it, my absolute favourites for giving me the best skin during the spring/summer season. Most of it is Clinique which I know is quite expensive and for many controversial, but I would say don’t knock it until you try it. Clinique is a definite favourite in my family and it has been for years. It is clinically and dermatologically tested, so they really know how and what will give you that famous Clinique glow.

As always, please don’t hesitate to ask me anything, or if you think there are better alternatives to any of these products, I would genuinely be VERY interested to hear about them. Otherwise, thank you for reading, will hopefully see you on Tuesday (not Wednesday this time lol) for my next hair post, or whenever if you fancy on any of my social media networks.

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See you soon hopefully x



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