HeatChafed Hair

Hi Everyone and welcome to my Tuesday Hair Post.

Today, because it is pretty hot and is likely to be for the week, I wanted to talk about the best ways to manage hair in the sun.

So I know we all love the sun, but I am sure we have all experienced the drying affect the sun can have on our hair too. The sun has a lot of goodness necessary for our hair such as vitamin D and revitalising rays that can improve volume and the health of our hair. On the downside however, of course the sun is very hot and just like our skin, too much of it can be very damaging and can cause hair to become parched. Luckily for our skin, there are thousands of affective sun creams and lotions to add much needed protection, but unfortunately for our hair there are not many products with UVA/UVB protectants to help our hair in the same way. As mentioned last week, I am going to wireless festival this weekend, and there will be an expected heatwave. With little to no escape from the Sun for my hair, I wanted to share a few products good to help protect my hair and allow it to look its best.


Before the sun

khadi oil Khadi  Natural Products Vitalising Hair Oil – picture taken from ecco-verde.com

I have really enjoyed using Khadi this summer. This Hair Oil is healing to the scalp, light weight and smells fabulous. The Vitalising oil provides an intense plug of moisture to the hair without weighing it down.

To use it, section hair and put a few drops on scalp. Then add a desirable portion to hair. Massage oil into scalp for around 5 minutes (I normally invert head when doing this) then wrap hair, put on a shower cap, cover with a heated towel and leave it for a minimum of an hour – for best results leave over night. Then wash out in the morning.


As well as an oil treatment, I would not be using hot tools on my hair – which of course I have cut out anyway, as that will only add to the drying aftermath of the hair.


For the Sun

There are very few brands that provide UVA in their hair products which is a mystery to me. However, if you are interested there are a few.

Sachajuan Hair In The Sun – picture taken from beautybay.com

hair in the sun


This is a handy product to have if your hair is colour treated or relaxed. Not only does it protect the intensity of your colour and the quality of your relaxed hair, it also provides UV Filters and the revolutionary Ocean Silk Technology. Truly protects from the damaging effects of the sun.




Redken – picture taken from store.toniandguy.com


This is a mousse, so would be brilliant for those who do not want or require too much moisture (Types 1 and 2s). Provides UV filters of sp25 for hair, whilst styling, protecting colour and holding.




As well as an actual SPF, I would also put on my favourite heat protect product that I would normally use before blow drying.


Liz Earle botanical shine nourishing hair oil – picture taken from uk.lizearle.com

liz earle hair-oilYou guys know how much I love Liz Earle hair products. Not only are they organic, but also so good for my hair. This heat protectant oil is no exception from the rule. It is so light, not even a tiny bit of grease, and with heat my hair is silky, smooth, even and shiny. I was told that it can also be used dry and that is how I will be using it now.



Keratase ciment thermique vita-ciment topseal – picture taken from birchbox.com


Another favourite. If you do not want to put any more oil, or again are looking for a lighter less moisturising alternative, this is really good. It is a reconstructing milk that is activated by heat. The more heat is applied the better your hair will look.






After Sun

Sachajuan Hair After Sun – picture taken from birchbox.com


In the same way as sun lotion for the skin, this is a good after sun treatment to bring back shine and moisture to hair. Will leave hair soft, light and back to normal.




Aveda Sun Care After Sun Treatment Masque – picture taken from lookfantastic.com

aveda sun hair


This organic treatment masque will help to restore and repair sun-damaged hair. Intensely moisturising leaving hair healthy, shine and bouncy.




A Few handy tools that can be used before, after and during is avocado products and coconut. Both contain natural spf with excellent moisturising properties. They are both known to seal in moisture also.


avocado-butter200avocado-oil200virginorganiccoconut –pictures taken from sheabuttercottage.com


There are my top tips for maintaining soft, unchafed hair during this heatwave. I hope it has been useful to someone out there. As always, if you have any questions please feel free to ask, or if you guys have any other remedies and tricks for keeping healthy hair in the summer, I would love to hear about it.


Thank you so much for reading and for all the support you have all given so far. Next week I will be talking about my favourite deep conditioners. Will hopefully see you Saturday for my beauty post.




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