My Festival Survival Kit

Hi everyone, I hope you are all well 🙂

I am admittedly excited, as today is wireless festival day two. It is predicted to be 28 degrees here in London, outfit is planned and I am super happy :D.

So today – because I am completely in the spirit of things, I wanted to share my beauty filled festival survival kit with you all. Hope you enjoy.


1. Sun Protection

Probably the most boring but the most important of them all. Being outdoors all day in the sun is great, but no matter how much of a tan you would like, protecting yourself from harmful and dare I say it, “ageing” sun rays is so important for your skin. There is nothing worse then waking up the following day with your skin looking like worn out leather. Here are three of my favourites:


Vichy Ideal Soleil spf50 is a fantastic sunscreen for those with oily-combination skin, as it gives a nice matte finish. Really good  for putting makeup over the top as it will help to fight against sweat and oil throughout the day. Picture taken from

Clinique Super city block spf 40 as said in last weeks post, has great moisturising properties. It is lightweight, easy to apply and very comfortable. Picture taken from

The Organic Pharmacy cellular protection sun cream spf30 is your organic option, great for sensitive skin, light weight, leaves no white residue and is kind to skin. Picture taken from


2. Smudge Proof Lashes

bareminerals locked and coatedI will not be walking out that door without using my Bare Minerals locked and coated waterproof lash topcoat.

It is a must have for humidity, heat and the slight chance of rain. It goes over the mascara of your choice and makes it waterproof.

It helps to combat against sweat, watery/hayfever prone eyes and also in my case, oily eyes.

Picture taken from


3. Protect those Lips

Nivea A Kiss of Protection Sun Protection Lip Care SPF 30

I have gone through sun screen for the face, but I never forget to protect my lips. Sun burnt lips in my opinion is easily the most irritating, unattractive thing that can happen in the sun. It leaves lips peeling, dry, cracked… and in my case tanned. My current browny mauve lips turn either brown or a horrible purple sometimes.

I always wear an SPF lip balm! Not only does it ensure that your lipstick will glide on perfectly smooth over the top, it also helps to prevent lips from cracking as the day continues.

Picture taken from


4. Stay Fresh

Sure_Women_Maximum_Protection_Everyday_Fresh__V381042627_ suredeowipes dove-mini-deodorant-ap-spray-original-35ml

Sure Maximum Protection in my opinion is the best roll-on ever! I was a bit dubious before trying it, because being an aerosol user switching to a creamy roll on, I could not understand how something so moist can keep me dry. But Oh my Gosh it is amazing. I got through the hottest day of the year so far (Tuesday was 36.7 degrees in London) with my armpits being the only dry part of my body by the time I got home. Truly fantastic, smells sweet and clean, and is ultra comfortable under my arms. Picture taken from

Sure Deo wipes is a handy little tool to have with you when out all day. With all the dancing, crowds and lifting arms, there is nothing worse than smelling yourself and not being able to do anything about it. Just a quick wipe with one wet wipe and you are back to post shower freshness. Then a quick spray of your favourite miniature aerosol (mines being Dove original body spray because it smells divine and fresh) then you are good to go again. pictures taken from and


5. Top Ups


These are the things I would ensure I am topping myself up with throughout the day. Bare Minerals Ready Tinted Veil with spf20 to make sure my makeup and face is fresh and matte at all times. Picture taken from

I spoke about it last week, but a good face mist is now a necessity. Long periods in the sun dehydrates and dries skin drastically. I will be making sure I get at least two extra pumps of this spray throughout the day. Picture taken from

As well as my expected intake of cider, I will be making sure I am drinking my litre and a half of water today. I need to make sure my skin and body is hydrated to avoid the risk of sun stroke, a dry mouth and awful skin in the following days to come. Picture taken from


So there we have it. My go to festival pieces for this weekend. What are my fellow festival goers going to be bringing with them this year? I hope you all enjoy the sunshine this weekend, thank you so much for reading. I will hopefully see you Tuesday.

Much Love xoxox


kiss1 pose1





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