I’m looking for a gold brown eyeshadow?

When I used to work behind makeup counters, I learnt that there were three kinds of customers who came in to get their eye makeup done. There were the ones I loved who gave me complete and utter leeway with colour choice, style and pretty much everything. There were the challenging customers who would ask me to do a bright blue or green look, or a super dark smokey. However the largest group is the third, who would come in looking for a natural everyday eyeshadow. I would attempt to show them soft pinks, corals, sparkly nude shades, but I always found that they would walk away with a gold or brown depending on their complexion.

I find brown is a safe option because it mimics the shade of a natural shadow tone on the face. In reality, for certain complexions it is hard to get any more natural than a brown. Gold  (in many peoples opinion) on a darker skin tone is safe because in the opposite way, it is a natural highlight tone for the face so opens the eyes.

I do love natural eye looks and I think if you are just starting to get into eyeshadows, these two option are great. But I must say, as someone who does love makeup for the artistic freedom you can have with it, I do think there are so many other options aside from these colours that people could try.

The last couple of years have been the uprising of the nudes, makeupless makeup, shading and highlighting and maybe a pop of colour in the Autumn. I wanted to dedicate my Saturdays Beauty Post (Although it is Sunday.. I know) to hopefully inspire everyone to try and have a bit more fun with makeup choices. Looking natural is dependant on how you work with colours and how you choose to apply them.

inspiration 3 article.wn.com inspiration 4 uma preve inspiration 2 girlswithattitude.co.uk

from left to right: beauty by jj (picture taken from article.wn.com), Uma Preve (picture taken from youtube.com), and unknown artist (picture taken from girlswithattitude.co.uk).

Jennie (Beauty by JJ) is wearing matte light and dark greys on her eye lids, with a silver cream colour to highlight the inner corner. To add a fun pop of colour, she finishes the look off with a natural pink which I always think looks beautiful with grey. Not only has she chosen colours that compliment each other perfectly, she has used the right amount and blended her eye shadows well to reveal a hint of colour. You can make this look even more natural by opting for a less shimmery highlight for the eye and you would have a perfectly beautiful natural look.

Uma is another makeup artist I enjoy watching. What I love about her is she is good at breaking up colour to keep the look natural. In other words, she will either go colourful on the eyes or on the lips, but rarely both. In the example above, she is wearing a black liquid eyeliner along with four metallic eye shadows applied with a wet brush. She has also very lightly added a bit of contouring in her crease just to bring the look together. Although she is wearing an array of colours, all the colours (apart from the contouring shade) do not pass her eyelid. This makes the look much softer and fun, but most importantly more wearable. She is wearing a lip colour a few shades brighter than her lips to compliment the eyes, because in fact if she wore nude, the eye look would look stronger. The lip colour with the eyes makes the overall look appear understated but effective.

The last look is my favourite. Just like brown, pink on many skin tones is a very natural colour choice as it is also a natural tone on the skin, even for darker women. The trick to using a pink and many other tonal colours away from brown is trying a satin finish. The eye area is naturally quite oily which is why it is always recommended to use a primer before applying eyeshadow. When wearing a natural colour, it will normally be a safer to use a satin version lightly to add a slight shimmer to eyes. A satin shadow (contrasting to what most would think) is very natural because it replicates the eyes naturally shiny surface. The model has again used a slightly darker colour in the crease to bring the look together and make it look finished. Similarly to Uma, she is wearing a natural lip colour probably one shade brighter than her lips, and tonal colours on the face so there is not too much colour.

If all else fails, a pop of colour on the lips with nude/natural eyes is always a simple yet playful way to do your makeup. I love Kylie Minogue, and if I ever got the chance to meet her makeup artist I would have a notepad and a pen at my disposal. In this picture she is wearing sunglasses, but she makes it up for it with an orange red lipstick that not only compliments her skin tone, but the orange undertone picks up on her hair too. Furthermore, it contrasts beautifully with her navy blue dress. So much more of an effective choice of colour than if she was to have chosen nude.

 kyliepicture taken from vanillawhiff.blogspot.com

Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed.

I will be back with my next post on Wednesday because I am running a day later than my schedule.

Hope you have a lovely day and will hopefully see you then.



2 thoughts on “I’m looking for a gold brown eyeshadow?

  1. Great post. I love Browns for work, but I wish people realized all the options they have for a soft look. A muted purple for example is really pretty and work appropriate


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