My Rediscovered love for Ojon

I remember the first time I ever heard of the brand Ojon. It was five years ago when I had first got my job at Bare Minerals and my manager at the time was telling me about it. She explained to me how rich the products were, moisturising, how it would be good for my hair type and urged me to try it. I asked her the price, then with her answer – at that point in my life, the conversation swiftly ended.

I completely forgot about Ojon until last week. After discovering that so many of my hair products have ingredients that was leaving my hair dry and damaged. I decided to have a massive clear out and threw most of them away. I came across a small bag absolutely full to the brim with Ojon samples that I have had unopened for years. I was intending on washing my hair, so I decided to take samples from the bag to try them out. Firstly I would say, I checked all of the ingredients and there were no real nasty’s. From what I saw, every ingredient seemed to serve a purpose for getting the most from my hair, which already had my highly impressed.


So here was my routine:

ojon cleansing conditioner

Ojon Rare Blend Moisture-Rich Cleansing Conditioner: Yes this is a conditioner, but it is designed to clean hair gently too. It is brilliant for co-washing or of course if your hair has been very dry as I found mines was, this is a nice replacement shampoo, as many can be very drying. This product is very good, doesn’t irritate my scalp as many shampoos and conditioners can do, plus my hair feels well moisturised without feeling heavy or greasy. Also as you would imagine, it is not necessary to follow with a separate conditioner.

picture taken from


ojon 1 the results


Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner: This deep conditioner was truly fantastic. My favourite part is that it is a mask so only requires a few minutes on the hair before it needs to be rinsed out. As shown by the picture, it is divided between a blend of two treatments, one white and one yellow. Both parts serve a different purpose for hair, the white holding the moisturising properties, and the yellow made up by a mix of rare oils from Africa, India and Brazil. The yellow part has more of a butter texture and the white more of a moisturising lotion. Pretty cool.


ojon 2

Then I left my hair to air dry as I have been doing for a few months and low and behold my hair is looking ever closer to the 3a curls they once was when wet. After two simple steps, there was no sign of frizz or dryness, even my split ends seemed to be at bay! I was SO impressed!

I finally am giving in to the fact that although Ojon is pretty expensive, it really does work. As mentioned the ingredients are clean and well thought out. They don’t take any short cuts or look for cheaper alternatives with their ingredients, which would explain why it does have that price tag. I can assure anyone interested in trying this, it is so very worth it. I certainly intend on building my collection after these samples are finished.

Thank you for taking the time to read and share in my excitement lol. If you have tried any Ojon products I would love to hear your opinions? Otherwise, if you too have been suffering with ridiculously dry or damaged hair, I would certainly recommend giving this a try. It took me years to do it and it surpassed my expectations.

Hopefully see you on my next post. Bye for now 🙂


P.S Can I just add, this gallon of water a day has been dramatically sorting out my skin. The picture above is a makeup free selfie with no filter, but thanks to the water intake which is the sole difference in my diet, my skin has been great! Seriously would recommend 😉





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