A much needed update

Hello again everyone.

I am so sorry for the prolonged absence. I haven’t written a post for a little over two weeks now which feels a little strange, so I wanted to write a short post to catch up, explain where I have been and to hopefully establish organisation back in to my blogging schedule.

So.. where have I been? I decided to do a detox for my life. I don’t know if any of my readers will relate to these feelings occassionally, but I have recently felt as if my mind has been heavy and confused. It has been working in overdrive, over thinking and worrying about everything. This has lead to bad moods, excessive fatigue, crazy comfort eating and general thoughts of unease and insecurity. I really haven’t really been feeling myself lately to say the least! In short I decided to try and reconnect with my life and my soul in three major ways.

Firstly, I decided I needed to take a break from the world of social media. I felt as if there were too many voices and images to digest on a daily basis, and it literally begun to feel as if it was choking my mind. I don’t know if you ever feel this way, but I was starting to feel like all the idle chatter over Whatsapp, the bombarding of updates on Instagram and Twitter was honestly just giving me a headache. I am very much a nature lover and a believer of all things organic. Normally when I feel this way, I know it is just time to temporarily disconnect and head to the park, sit under a tree and be alone with my thoughts. This time however has required a longer removal period then usual. Until I am feeling entirely ready to dive back into the realm of virtual reality with a clear mind space and spiritually succinct, this social media detox shall continue.

Secondly, I have been attempting to exercise more. I generally enjoy exercising. I have done insanity, I love to ride my bike, I used to be a majorly good long distance runner. Interestingly however, as I have become older (which is probably the most important time to be proactively exercising) I have completely fallen off routine, so I decided to introduce it back in to my daily life. While I have so much more free time not sitting behind a laptop or glued to my phone for hours of my day, I am trying to dedicate an hour or so to light to medium exercise. Today for example, me and my friend went for a long one hour and a half stroll through Regents Park. Surrounded by beautiful flowers and greenery, chatting away whilst getting a major workout in. It was so therapeutic!

Thirdly is potentially the one I need to do a lot more of, but I have been praying to God and spending a good amount of time with my mum who is a strong and devout Christian. Just remembering that life is moving forward and there is a plan and structure to it, helps to remind me it is more than likely things will change/improve. This has really helped to empty the worry from my head and to replace it with hope. I am gradually returning to my normal self.

I am happy to say I have improved a little bit and so glad to be back here writing and blubbering about the things that I love. I have so much to share and rant on about. This Saturday I will be talking about celebrity inspired beauty tricks and Tuesday the 11th of August I will be sharing my recent ultimate hair find… Ladies with Relaxed hair…Are you sitting down? A relaxer free from parabens, petrolatum, mineral oils, sulfates, propylene glycol and all those other nasties – 100% plant derived relaxer that WORKS! Yes.. I think I have found the solution to every relaxer with a bad reputation. I will share all on Tuesday.

Until then, thank you so much for reading. Will hopefully see you again on my up and coming posts.

Take Care xoxoxo

regents park

A picture I took in Regents Park today. Isn’t it gorgeous!







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