A Celebrity Beauty Routine – Kim Kardashian West

I recently found a very interesting article on cosmopolitan.com about a journalist who attempted to live life for a few weeks like the infamous Kim Kardashian West. This means she wore the outfits, followed the diet, beauty routine, makeup and reported her findings in a series. Here is my favourite part here on her body and diet.

These articles were so fascinating! It really made me wonder and think how we look to celebrities and aspire to look as good as they do. But the effort, time and money they spend is out of this world, so in order to look as naturally beautiful as Beyoncé and glamorous as Jlo, it takes weeks of preparation, thousands of dollars and a lot of effort.

My first celebrity beauty routine I will be analysing is the originally mentioned example above of Kim Kardashian West. I will walk through her routine just to step outside on a normal casual day where should would be snapped by the paparazzi.



Kim Kardashian West along with many others in the celebrity world pay a huge amount of attention to their skin, both on their face and body. Kim is never shy to post her favourite moisturisers and boosters over her social media pages, as well as of course promoting and using many of her Kardashian Beauty line skincare products.

Kim has very sensitive skin as shown on KUWTK. She frequently breaks out in rashes and bumps with too much sunlight, and uses various creams to combat that. For a photo shoot as shown above, it is likely they would use foundation to conceal any scarring to ensure her skin is entirely even, plus contouring, highlighting and maybe even a bit of oil spraying to achieve flawless radiant skin.

Of course, as well as the best moisturisers and creams, there is also the hair removal from face to toe to ensure looks smooth and sexy. Additional to the hair removal most likely performed in a salon, Kim and her sisters are huge fans of a beauty treatment. With many of their family trips away, they ensure they get a beauty treatment done. They are also huge fans of trying new and exciting anti-aging tricks/pamper sessions in the beauty world.

Kim’s last secret to beautiful skin is her frequent trips to be spray tanned. As claimed on her show, she enjoys to do this as it is very slimming, it evens out her skin tone and most importantly leaves skin with a healthy glow.


51501062 Reality stars Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and Jonathan Cheban film scenes for their reality show at the Duck Walk Vineyards in Watermill, New York with friends on August 12, 2014. Kim will soon be releasing a 352-page hardcover book of her selfies, entitled “Selfish.” FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813

Not only does Kim have her own exercise dvd, she was also sponsored by slendertone, is now sponsored by waist training equipment and of course has frequent sessions with a personal trainer just to show her dedication to achieving and keeping her splendid hour glass figure. KUWTK shows the love her and her sisters have to trying new exercise classes in L.A from trampoline aerobics, to pole dancing.

As well as the consistent exercising and weight management, the thirty something year old super star also revealed that she never leaves home without her spanx. It has come to media attention that she even has a special set of spanx to wear during her pregnancy and additional shapes and fits to wear depending on the outfit. Spanx are certainly not the most comfortable of items to wear, but in a determination to always look spectacular, Kim wears them regardless with every ensemble.


kim met gala defamer.gawker.com

Kim is one of the most influential celebrities in terms of fashion out there right now. With her first job being a stylist for the stars, Kim is one of the only celebrities out there who chooses her own outfits and dresses herself with only the occasional advice given from hubby Kanye West. Many other celebrities plan well in advance what they would be wearing even casually with the help of their stylists and fashion PR agencies.

Of course for a big event such as the Met Gala or an awards ceremony, Kim will be sent designs from an array of designers in the hope she would choose them. Kim is so influential however, she has slight control over the styles, colour and design to enhance her best features.


Kim+Kardashian+Long+Hairstyles+Long+Straight+GiAA9FXNe8bx stylebistro.com

Blonde, Brunette, Black, Short, Long, Curly, Straight, Up or Down so long as it looks fabulous. It is said that Kim spends thousands of dollars a week on the up keep of her hair, even for the most casual hairstyle as shown above. With layers of hair extensions put in, products to create shine, straightening to perfection and the precision and hold, this hairstyle alone would cost just under $1000 as simple as it may seem. Kim has a hairstylist present with her every day as part of her glam team. How great does that sound!


Kim-Kardashian-Contouring-preen preen.inquirer.net

Any Kim Kardashian fan would have seen these pictures of the hugely popular technique of her talented makeup artist Mario. Kim Kardashians influence brought in the huge popularity of highlighting and contouring, strobing and the power of the naturally done face. It is said that during Mario’s latest makeup masterclass featuring Kim, it took almost two hours to achieve the casual makeup look of Mrs Kardashian West which she models on a daily basis. Of course as well as the framing the face, she wears eyeshadow daily, lipstick, bronzer, blusher, false eye lashes and strong but beautiful eyebrows as her minimal makeup look.

Additional to the makeup and skincare previously mentioned, Kim is no stranger to cosmetic needles and procedures. the slight filling and botox are two of many treats she allows herself to remain youthful and beautiful.


Kim really does have an extensive beauty routine as so many celebrities do. After reading the long winded routine of Kim, do you feel like if you had the time and the money you would enjoy doing this super long routine to perfection, or do you feel like it is too much and unnecessary. Interested to see what you think.

Until next time, hope you enjoy your weekend. Take Care



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