Straight From Eden

There was a time many years ago where a substantial amount of ethnic women relaxed their hair as part of a normal beauty routine. I grew up surrounded by women in my family, at the hairdressers and even women on television promoting relaxers to be the norm. Only very recently within the last decade as far as I am aware, many women of colour decided to embrace their natural fluffy type 4 and 3 hair they were born with in the hope they will achieve a healthier mane.

It is a fact that relaxers are very damaging to hair with extensive use, and the problem is once you make the decision to do it, it is something you have to keep up for life unless you want to cut all of your hair off and start growing your afro hair again from scratch.

Petrochemicals, sulfates, parabens and formaldehyde are just a few example ingredients used in relaxers and the aftercare products which cause long term damage over time. It is sad because relaxing hair not only looks nice, but it makes hair easier to handle plus allows more options for styling. When I learned just how bad relaxing hair was, I found it so hard to stop doing it because I was so used to the effect and look it gave me. So I gave up trying to stop and just learned to care for my hair in the best way I could.

Until Now…

I have recently discovered the first 100% plant derived no-lye straightening cream powered by all natural coconut, avocado and olive oil. Free from mineral oil, petrolatum, propylene glycol, sulfates, parabens and formaldehyde which are many of the causes of dry and damaged hair when relaxing. If you are a reader of my hair posts, you will know by now I am a huge fan of organic hair products. They work very well for me, so I was very curious when I heard about this. My routes were well and truly in need of relaxing, so I took a deep breath and decided to make the order.

Crème of Nature Straight from Eden Relaxer System

creme of nature 2

picture taken from

The Kit comes with literally everything you would need to have the healthiest luscious hair possible afterwards. Along with the relaxer, there was the activator and booster which is all mixed together. A sample size neutralising shampoo that is coloured pink when the cream has not been rinsed out entirely from hair, then clear when it is safe to stop washing. The kit also contains a deep conditioner which you can use as a normal conditioner or a treatment which I am sure you guessed I chose the latter. Plus a hair oil to give hair the healthiest looking radiance. Of course it also comes with normal tools such as the gloves to protect hands, instructions and a stick to mix the formula with.

My natural hair before relaxing is type 4B, so I kept the relaxer on for the maximum advised time. Just incase you was curious, my mum relaxed my hair for me as I am not confident enough to relax my own hair myself properly.

Here are the results:


1. Hopefully you can see in this picture what my regrowth looks like. Right at the front of my hair it is curly and of a different texture to the rest of my hair hidden in a bun. I normally do a bun when my regrowth is obvious to hide it a little more.








2. This picture is after using the crème of nature straight from eden Kit right before my friends birthday party where this picture was taken (It wasn’t his birthday by the way). Just so everyone is aware, I blow dry my hair whenever it gets relaxed because that is part of the activation for the relaxer and enables it to last longer. As you can hopefully see, my roots look just as straight as the rest of my hair, but not only that it is shiny as picked up on the flash, it looks healthy and full of bounce. My hair felt thicker and had a lot more texture to when I normally relax it. I was seriously impressed. It works just as well as any other relaxer I have used with the added benefit that it isn’t damaging my hair nowhere near as much.




Unfortunately, there are a few flaws which are easily rectifiable for next time. The shampoo they provide really wasn’t big enough to wash out the relaxer from my hair. That could be because my hair is pretty thick and of a reasonable length, however that still was quite horrible almost finishing the bottle when the colour was still pink. For next time I will order a full size shampoo along with it to rectify this. Additionally, the 20 minute maximum bracket was surpassed. My hair – again because of its length and thickness – is pretty impossible to do within the 20 minute window. Especially because I have been air drying my hair, it has increased in volume. Therefore some of my hair got over processed. Again, I have concluded that I should not leave my hair so long before relaxing it so hopefully it would be quicker to do the process with a little less regrowth.

For those ladies out there with type 3 and 4 hair, I would strongly recommend this relaxer to you if you have weak and fine hair, or if like me you just don’t want to put a whole load of rubbish on your hair every few months and deal with the consequences every time. Even if you are toying with the idea of relaxing your hair, or if you are considering going natural but deep down you don’t really want to, I think maybe this could be a solution to these queries. I will definitely be using this relaxer again, it is a bit on the pricey side but it is definitely worth it.

Thank you for taking the time to read today and I hope it was of use to some of you. I will be back on Saturday with my beauty post about anti-ageing makeup techniques. For next weeks Tuesday hair post, I will be speaking about one hair oil I would recommend for every hair type and every hair problem. Hopefully see you then.



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