Deep Conditioners

I remember when my mum first brought her hair salon, I used to find sitting under the dryer and getting a treatment the most exciting thing in the world. Being under the dryer and¬†reading a magazine made me feel so grown up and womanly. After a few years of doing this, I unfortunately started to … More Deep Conditioners

HeatChafed Hair

Hi Everyone and¬†welcome to my Tuesday Hair Post. Today, because it is pretty hot and is likely to be for the week, I wanted to talk about the best ways to manage hair in the sun. So I know we all love the sun, but I am sure we have all experienced the drying affect … More HeatChafed Hair


Have you seen the newest revolt over social media to¬†#ReDefineNude? I¬†have seen a¬†countless amount of¬†YouTube sketches, read so many different¬†interviews and watched talks¬†of¬†companies all around¬†the¬†UK and US¬†fighting to change the meaning of the word nude.¬†I¬†must¬†say I am¬†totally down with the cause! When I used to work behind a beauty counter, I would have customers daily … More #ReDefineNude

Recommending Relaxers

Hi everyone, thank you for joining me today¬†for my Tuesday Hair post. Last week,¬†I was watching this lady on YouTube giving¬†an account of her traumatic experience in using relaxers. Her hair was¬†type 3a, big curls, relatively thick that was chemically dyed, and she was desperate to get it permanently straight. So she walked into her … More Recommending Relaxers